Somos uma empresa de energia, mas objetivamos entregar mais do que isso, buscamos acelerar a mudança para uma economia de baixo carbono e mais justa.


Society is being challenged by ever-increasing problems, which requires urgent action. Human health, wellbeing, migration, poverty alleviation, inequality reduction all exacerbated by climate change. We believe that there is no possibility of a thriving business community in an unsustainable world and that, if in one hand business are a great part of the problems, by other, they are fundamentally important in the creation of a diverse business ecosystem that aims and solve these most pressing issues faced by the global community.

In this context, Impacto Energia, guided by an integral business model, aims to accelerate the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world, enabling our clients, just like us, become effective change makers, achieving their financial and sustainability goals through our solutions in the areas of Distributed Generation, Energy Generation, Biofuels and Renewable Chemistry.

1ª Planta do setor químico no mundo com Cogeração à biomassa

UTE com venda por disponibilidade no setor sucroalcooleiro

200 MW habilitados para Leilão


Our deep understanding of the sector, which encompass since the fuel control, passing through the development, implementation, financial structuring up to de operation of projects, allows us to offer flexible and customized solutions for the most diverse demands for steam, chilling, electricity and biochemical, while we create value to shareowners, investors and society in a verifiable and measurable manner.

​Distributed Generation is a tool capable to enable access to clean and affordable energy, accomplishing an important role in the process to move to a more democratic society, by raising consumer’s consciousness and empowering them.

The generation of renewable and more efficient energy has a key role in the fight against climate change, as well as for the necessary economic development and social advances. The use of modern energy, that is, electric energy, affordable and clean not only contributes for the reduction of inequalities, but also create more jobs than through the conventional fossil fuel and inefficient energy generation.

​Biomass produced with traceability, reviving degraded land through integrated agricultural practices models avoid land competition, sequester carbon, avoid, land erosion, alongside further mitigate climate change, when replace fossil fuels in the energy generation.  Biomass originated from residues, processed within the concept of a circular economy, reduce the area needed for the final disposal of residues, acting as pollution prevention measures of water resources, while generate new products to the economy.

​Biogas originated from the treatment of industrial effluents, treatment of sewage, landfills and treatment of animal waste avoid soil and water contamination, promote the reuse of water and support the preservation of habitats and biodiversity, as well as replace fossil fuel in energy generation. That which was once residue return to the economy, as products and energy fuels, reducing wastages and distributing wealth in the process, which involves the separation, recycling and energy generation.

Our solutions have the ambition to contribute directly and indirectly to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs) agreed within the United Nations in 2015:

  • ​SGD 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

  • SGD 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

  • SGD 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • SGD 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • SGD 10: Reduce Inequalities

  • SGD 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • SGD 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  • SGD 13: Climate Action

  • SGD 14: Life Below Water

  • SGD 15: Life on Land

  • SGD 17: Partnerships for the Goals

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